Selection Committee Members for the Class of 1956 Davenport Summer Fellowships

Boston Selection Committee

Edward I. Selig, Chairman
Dr. Peter Braun,
Werner F. Gossels
William K. Hoskins
M. David Kurland
Joseph C. McNay
William J. Poorvu
Dr. Peter B. Randolph
Joseph B. Wennik

Past members have included Dr. Marshall M. Kaplan, Stephen J. Ocko and Dr. Joseph Ross and all of whom, sadly, are no longer with us.

New York Selection Committee

John W. Rindlaub, Chairman
Edward L. Barlow
Marvin B. Berenblum
Stephen Bonsal
Dr. Jordan J. Cohen
Ray P. Foote, Jr.
Kenneth W. Liebman

Past members have included Henry S. F. Cooper, Jr., Charlie P. Lord, Dr. Ernest C. Richards, B. Albert Stern, Jr., and Robert B. Wheeler, all of whom, sadly, are no longer with us.

Washington, D. C. Selection Committee

Tersh Boasberg, Chairman
John H. Bissell
James K. Don
Robert W. Mason
Richard Schottenfeld*
Theodore R. Robb

*former Head of House, Davenport College
Past member: C. Gibson Durfee, Jr., who sadly is no longer with us.

Davenport College Representatives

1983-2017, Barbara Munck, retired
2017 to present, Brenda Torres