Yale Club Luncheons

Ken Liebman hosts luncheons for our classmates every third Wednesday at the Yale Club Grill Room at 12:30 PM, except for summertime. These informal events are very popular: the fellowship is engaging; the menu is tasty, modest in price, and free of wine and spirits; the accommodations are attractive.

As with most clubs payments are charged to members: cash and credit cards are not accepted. Most members add costs of a non member’s meal and are reimbursed by them. Charges are made on a Dutch-treat basis and are not a percentage of the total bill.

The lunches are not formal meetings; there are no speeches, minutes, or addends. They are rather means of sharing food and conversations with friends and hopefully of turning acquaintances into friends.

Ken emails to interested classmates 3 weeks or so before each 3rd Wednesday to determine the number of those planning to attend so that the administration makes the necessary arrangements. Classmates are not invited to just show up. Ken has an extensive list of those who have shown an interest. You know who you are. If you have not received an e mail from Ken, please e mail him at kwliebman@aol.com and ask him to include your e mail address on his list. If you live in the greater New York area or happening to be visiting New York, you will not regret it.